Interior Design Installation Services

Whether you are relocating an elegant dining table from one place to another or have bought furniture from an auction house and require assistance in installation, then our interior design installation services are what you need. Our technicians are expert and proficient and can handle any challenge that comes there way. They are passionate, enthusiastic, and, most of all, professionals. 

We have been working in this industry and providing our services for many years. We aim at building strong customer relationships. For this purpose, we always endeavor to achieve our customer's satisfaction. It is done by refining our engineering and procedural aspects of the installation services. Due to this, we assure you that we can install any piece of furniture, decorative objects, in any location you want.

Moreover, we firmly believe that meticulous planning is the key to making any project successful. We begin the installation process by having a detailed discussion with our customers regarding your installation requirements. From there, we will devise a careful strategy and schedule of installation that won't cause any inconveniences.

Our team of experts also takes into consideration the delivery sites, all access routes, and openings, loading capability of stairs, floors, and the final places that each piece of furniture needs to be placed.

In case the installation procedure requires us to work in collaboration with other trades that are responsible for executing the designing process, we offer our professional assistance. Our experts will work with them as a team and together make the installation process smooth and hassle-free.

Proficient Interior Design Installation Services

At All State Services, we possess a large inventory of state of the art mechanical handling and lifting equipment. They are utilized to meet our own precise specifications.

When the expertise and skills of our technicians combined, they enable them to install any type of furniture or decorative items. It can be of any size, weight, proportion, delicacy, complexity, safely, and professionally in any location.

In a nutshell, we can install anything, whether it is a collection of priceless furniture carefully without causing any damages.

We are always prepared and feel pleased to discuss any installation requirements with the designers or architects. After that, we will conduct any necessary research and design. And use any special equipment or techniques that are needed to complete the installation process safely and successfully.

Safe and Secure International Shipping

If you have a large amount of heavy and bulky furniture that needs to be shifted to a new place, then we are at your service. Your furniture will be collected up from your place, loaded onto our vehicles, and delivered to your new place. Also, you will get to benefit from our staff expertise, packing, storing, proper management of items, and moving to a new place with the assurance of safe delivery.

We possess a well-maintained fleet of modern and fully equipped vehicles that are customized precisely for the delivery and transportation of furniture and decorative objects. These are managed by fully vetted technicians who are expertly trained in the handling of valuable furniture and decorative pieces.

Moreover, each vehicle is driven by qualified and expert drivers. Thet is rigorously trained in handling and safely delivering the furniture to its desired place. We will also undertake packing, unpacking, and installation of the furniture if required.

Also, their training guarantees that they will carry out all known procedures skillfully and efficiently. They will be capable of handling all the unusual and unforeseen situations promptly and efficiently.

So if you need any further details or have special requirements, get in touch with us immediately. We are at your service and will guide you properly in anything you need.


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